Thursday, January 1, 2009

What are we gonna do now?

Well that time is almost here.... the end of the college football season. And then another 8 months of mediocre sports and whiney millionaires in baseball and basketball who are not satified with a $35 million - 5 year contract. Boo hoo! Never been a fan of ice hockey. Do not like NASCAR all that much but I will watch a race every now and then. Golf, forget about it. To be honest, women's gymnastics on the collegiate level runs a very close second to college football.

Don't think I have forgotten about the pro football players. I just don't acknowledge them during college football season because they are a piddly runner up to seeing student-athletes strive to be the best on the field (and in the classroom). That title alone makes them better that any professional athlete EVER.

I am an University of Alabama fan - ROLL TIDE ROLL! - and cannot wait to watch my Tide play tomorrow in the Sugar Bowl versus Utah. Still do not know what a Ute is. I am not much of a guy who brags about my team but this is the culmination of a great season and definitely proud of my team.

So can anyone tell me - what are we gonna do now?

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  1. Well if you NEED anything to do, you can always get my boys and take them to t-ball games and see them strive to be the best, in their own "little" way. I have to agree though, College Football is better than all the others in that they give more than 100% of themselves in practice and games. But for the next 8 months, you have the choice of a multitude of reality shows, games shows... or here's an idea... catch up on the recorded shows on DVR! :)