Sunday, January 18, 2009

Female Teachers Gone Wild or Crazy?

Yesterday, I was just skimming through the news online and I run into yet another scandal where a teacher had sex with a student. I remember growing up, all you heard was male teachers having inappropriate relationships with female students (and males as well). My math teacher from the 7th grade was convicted of several molestation charges dealing with young boys he coached in swimming. This happened years after I was in his class and thank goodness he didn't take a liking to me. LOL.

I have had this conversation in the past with people who want the males to be more nurturing. Of course, in our society, the male is the "hunter and provider" and the female is the nurturer. Well times have been changing and the roles are reversing and sometimes combining.

There was a young man who open a day care here in town and everyone thought it was a good thing - man who wants to promote a healthy learning environment for children and be that nurturer effect. But alas, he fooled us all by being arrested for inappropriate behavior with children under his care. He left the city with people still supporting him after he was acquitted in Montgomery and got in trouble in Florida for what you may ask, inappropriate behavior with a child. I guess he fooled a lot of people here (and there).

We want male coaches on kids teams and male role models and mentors with other organized event and groups involving children. I would say that 99.999999% of those males are straight up and want to better a child's life but all it takes is one and then we are sometimes suspicious on why any male wants to be around children other than his own. It is a wrong way of thinking, but I am sure it happens.

Now I say that because what in the world is going on with these female teachers and their students? Of course, I grew up thinking women were the more saner of us when it came to sexual relations. Then I got to college and realized that women are sexual beings just like men. If a women wanted to have sex with 3 or 4 different guys (whether at different times or as a big ol' group) then so be it. Get your freak on but just be safe about. But I see picture of some of these teachers and I am like, goodness she is gorgeous. Why is she trolling her classroom for some sexual action? I mean I was not that good at 15 or 16 years old to (completely) please a girl my age much less a grown woman. Heck, I don't think I got any real "skills" until I was about 21 or 22 years old. (Now don't get me wrong, they never left unsatisfied. LOL.)

Of course, me being a male I am going to say something stupid - if I had a hot teacher who was doing me when I was in high school - NOBODY would have ever known. That would have been my very special secret. She would not have to threaten me not to tell anyone. She wouldn't have to lie to me and tell me it was "love" because all I would be thinking is that I am getting sex without even trying hard and from a grown woman to top it off. That is me speaking as a horny teenager which I am not anymore.

Now let me be responsible. What the f*uck is going on out there? When we hear about a male teacher and a student having sex, we are all appalled. We want to lynch him up, cut off his d*ick, and boil his nuts if he did it to a girl but lord forbid if he did it to a male student. We would kill him, bring him back to life, then lynch him, cut off things, and any other horrible thing we could imagine. But when a female teacher does it to a student, we do not always look so harshly. Why is that? Are we still in the mindset that the regardless of how old (young) the male student was, the female teacher could not succumb to the animal magnetism of this child? Now something I really can't wrap my mind around is when a female teacher seduces a female student. Some guys are probably thinking "girl on girl action" - all right! (Sorry ladies, it is coded in our DNA. Yes, we are pigs sometimes).

Lastly, why do the female teachers, when caught, usually get a "slap" on the hand and male teachers are thrown in the worst prison only to be gang raped by Big Bubba and "Third Leg" Leroy for messing with children. If women want to be sexually free in today's society and not referred to as loose, a slut, a tramp, or anything else, they have to held in the same standard as a male educator would be if the broke that student-teacher trust.

Some say that it is for sexual excitement. That taboo of it all or touching the forbidden fruit. Not to pick on white female teachers but that is all I ever see hit the news. The prettier they are, the more the media covers it. I can refer them to some bruthas that would give them the sexual thrill of their lives - nice adult clean (well maybe not so clean) fun.

Here is a comprehensive list of female teachers who crossed that line. Check it out!

Now that you are older and everything and hopefully a well rounded individual, do you recall any educator seem a little "too into you" growing up? What do you think causes all this inappropriate behavior? Have you ever been taught by a teacher who later got in trouble to inappropriate behavior to a child?

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