Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OMG! Who's Dealing? Here Comes the Race Card!

I was just watching CNN and Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush is basically saying that because the US Senate will not seat Roland Burris in the seat formerly occupied by President-Elect Barack Obama it has racist undertones. Jesse Jackson, Jr. also seems to be joining into the fray.

I personally didn't realize that there was not a sitting black Senator in the US Senate at this time. I understand that the US Senate is the more "prestigious" side of the United States Legislative Branch but I do not believe that their lack of color has anything to do with its regal position above the US House of Representative.

Now my people are throwing out the race card. Goodness gracious! The Governor of Illinois is a crook. Doesn't anyone directly involved with this issue see that besides me? Everyone asked this man not to appoint anyone because they would not be accepted. Rod Blagojevich has selfishly brought his state down by staying in his position as Governor with all of his drama.

But getting back to Burris, there is such a thing as protocol. The Illinois Secretary of State will not certify Governor Blagojevich's appointment of Roland Burris nor does his credentials bear the Illinois State Seal. So therefore, he does not have the credentials to be seated in the US Senate. It is like writing me on a piece of paper that I am to represent Alabama and not have the signatures to prove it.

I knew this situation was going to be a problem when our local "our unofficial black spokesman for everything that Alabama has done wrong to black people" Alvin Holmes, also the STATE Representative for the 78th District of Alabama, "is calling on the US Senate to allow former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to take a seat in the Senate." Holmes also said that "Burris' appointment is legal and it would be racism for white senators to block him from taking a seat." This part-time, at best, legislator for the State of Alabama has NO PULL whatsoever to even demand anything such as this. Nobody is going to listen to the "angry little black man". I am sorry, I call it like I see it. This man is another one of those black people that sometimes make black people have to drop their head in shame for the things that come out of his mouth.

This is not a racial issue. I mean come on people, we have a black president. Yeah yeah I hear ya, he is multi-ethnic (black and white). Well let me enlighten you on something, if he had a birth certificate from Alabama, he would be black. Sorry to burst your bubble on that one.

Stop with the RACE CARD. There is a time and place for it and this is not one of those times. Overuse and it makes that "card" like a two of clubs in a poker hand with Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of Diamonds - utterly useless.

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  1. "Angry Little Black Man"... lol that's exactly what Alvin Holmes is and although I am not black, I am ashamed that he "unofficially" represents the blacks in Alabama. And why in the world would he say it's "racism"? Did not Barack Obama JUST leave the Senate... a black man!!! So where's the racism? He doesn't have the credentials. PERIOD. Plus Daryl is right... in the State of Alabama if you are mixed (black & white), as are my two sons, you are considered black! Bubble bursted!