Monday, January 5, 2009

A Sorry Excuse For a Father

This is definitely a "What's Going On?" moment.

This sorry excuse for a father says that he "had a whole bunch of reasons" for killing his 2 year old son. WTF? There are times when it might be justified (on the moral compass) to take a life such as to prevent the immediate death of you or another person and although it is an ugly subject, even war. But what DAMN reason is there to take the life of a defenseless 2 year old child - that is also your son.

Let's go to the video tape and see this Sorry Ass Black Man (SABM).

Danny Platt Apologizes for Killing Son, Ja'Shawn Powell

Now I have heard a comedian describe African Americans (or black people, whichever you prefer) as a race of people who all of us become embarrassed when one of our own screws up. This is definitely one of those times.

If this is over child support, that everyone seems to be speculating on, then it makes it an even sadder case. $4,000? I am sure that it is a lot if you do not have that much. I mean, I do all right financially but I could not come up with $4,000 immediately without a little effort. But only $4,000? He was getting a little over $100 a paycheck for the State of Louisiana to provide for his son what he should have been doing all along. You were getting off light Mother F$%ker!

I would love to know this man's reasons, no let me scratch that because he is not a man, this punk's reasons for doing this. A real man, in his situation, would be there for his child and had NO problem of helping to provide for him emotionally, financially, and even spiritually whether or not he was with the mother of the child.

This is what embarrasses me as a black man. You do not want to believe the stereotypes but it would not be a stereotype unless it actually happens enough for someone to notice. I don't have any child of my own flesh and blood but for those that have children, need to be there for their boys and girls. I understand that people do not get along after they have children. We have got to show these little boys that there can be some type of respect for his mother (and opther women) and these little girls that there are good men out there who can be a good provider, supporter, and partner (in every way).

Now I have no idea of Mr. Platt's background growing up. I don't know the situation with his own father (or mother). Maybe he is part of this "vicious cycle" but there has got to be a time where you look above it and see that there is something better. Prosperity and hope is all around us. It may not have been in the neighborhood that Mr. Platt grew up in (and again I am speculating) but it is there. Don't settle for being a stereotype, be an original (as I have discussed with someone close to me many times).

May God take care of Ja'Shawn and help his family with their grief.

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  1. There is absolutely NO reason he had for killing this precious boy. He can say he had his reasons until the day he dies, but there is no reason whatsoever he had in doing this. And he will never tell anyone his reasons, because they are going to seem like a grain of sand on the ocean floor... NOTHING!!! And it was his own flesh and blood? But you know, it's not surprising. It goes on more than we hear about or more than we care to hear about. I just cannot fathom this.