Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watch Out For Who Your Kid's Role Models Are!

I have just noticed over the last few weeks that I have been hearing a lot of sports figures in the news and it has not all been good.

Who does your children look up to? Many kids are into sports, no big deal. Sports are healthy. It fosters teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship, humility, and strategic thinking. But does your kid look at these people in the sports field as their role models?

I am not hating on athletes or sports figures. Believe me, that is not the point I am trying to make but let me give some examples of some of your kid's "role models." Some are well known and some are obscure. Now remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver, arrest on January 6th for Suspicion for DUI and is on probation for a earlier drunk driving conviction.

Jason Richardson, Phoenix Sun Guard, arrested on December 21st for Suspicion for DUI.

Deon Tresvant, Senior Guard for Cal State Northridge, arrested for commercial burglary and grand theft (along with 3 others including the son of his coach).

Antoine Walker, former all-star Forward for the Boston Celtics arrested for DUI on January 5th.

Mark Ingram, former New York Giants Receiver, arrested after being on the run for a month for failing to report to prison for bank fraud and money laundering.

Kirk Earlywine, Eastern Washington Men's Basketball Coach, was arrested on December 26th for Suspicion of DUI.

Charles Barkley, NBA Basketball Great, was arrested on December 31st for Suspicion of DUI.

Danny Villa, Former New England Patriots Lineman and a High School Football Coach, was arrested December 27th on charges of raping a child.

I am sure the list is longer. There is nothing wrong with your child wanting to strive to be like someone outside the home but be sure that you strive to show them how to be a good and upright individual.

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