Friday, January 2, 2009

The "Real Reason" that Turner Gill was not chosen as the Auburn University head coach?

I am a reader of a blog called "I Date White" which deals in the life of Eathan and his life in Dallas as a divorced father of 2 sons. I find the blog interesting because his topics deal with interracial relationships.

I read his new entry this morning and had to comment on it and also share it with others. I am not one of those "angry black men" who think that "the man" is keeping us down because I have never in my life been kept down by anyone - black, white, yellow, tan, or red (hope no one took offense to that).

The blog was about Turner Gill, football coach for University of Buffalo Bulls and the reasons why he might have been taken out of the running of the Auburn University coaching job vacated by Tommy Tuberville. He certainly had a better record than Gene Chizik.

Although the "color barrier" of a black SEC coach was already broken by Sylvester Croom who coached Mississippi State University from 2004-2008, in my opinion, would have been a symbol of how the SEC and other southern collegiate conferences have changed over the last decades (as demonstrated in the HBO special "Breaking the Huddle: The Integration of College Football).

If the reasons given in Eathan's blog have any merit to why Coach Gill was not picked for the Auburn job, this is a sad day for college sports.

Check out the blog below and you decide.

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