Sunday, December 28, 2008

Meeting Captain James Lovell

On October 2nd of this year, I met someone that I never thought I would meet, a truly famous NASA astronaut. But it was not just any astronaut, it was one that was going through a truly harrowing experience on his way to the moon during a very significant part of my life, my date of birth. I am speaking of Captain James Lovell, the Commander of Apollo 13. And for those of you who do not know my birthday, April 14, 1970, I was born right in the middle of the mission, a day after the explosion on the service module on April 13, 1970. Yes, this is kind of a geek thing I suppose but I see it as a interesting bit of history that I was born into. Of course most probably know the story through the movie, Apollo 13, starrring Tom Hanks (who played Lovell). I have always had an interest in NASA all my life but didn't have lofty dreams of being an astronaut or pilot. It is bascially an bit of awe of what we can achieve as a people in accomplishments and in a "sucessful failure" (like people describe Apollo 13's mission). This sky is truly the limit and with a drive to suceed and sometimes a great team behind you, you can go all the way. Just me little injection of positivity for the day.

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