Saturday, March 28, 2009

Confused....The Unconfused Remix

Yesterday was truly an interesting day. I didn't expect anything and got everything. There was one exit ramp to the "scenic route" that was open. I found myself pulling over and wondering if I should go there or continue on my "interstate" trek and make things happen.

I decided to put the top down - a metaphor for letting down my guard - and slowly proceeding down the off ramp. Things are beautiful so far on the "scenic route" but I am going to take it slow and enjoy everything about the route but also try to get to my destination as soon as possibly.

Openness is the key to making any relationship work whether it be work or social. Just keep the lines of communication open and whether it is good or bad news so the other will not be left wondering "what in the heck is going on?" later when the walls come tumbling down. A dumb question is one that is not asked as well on the others part. We all need to keep that one in mind.

I am still on My Journey. Waiting for a few things to happen to get me there but although my initial itinerary has changed, the destination is the same.

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