Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG Needs to See the Rage

This is one of those moments that you have to say WTF? So let me get this right - You organization's stock is down almost 98% of what it was worth? You get an infusion of $170 billion to keep you afloat by the federal government which is really people like myself Mr. Taxpayer? Then you give the people that made the HORRIBLE decisions that put the company in the toilet $165 million in bonuses? You have got to be kidding me. REALLY?

I know the man plays it cool but maybe Barack needs to be a little more like this on this AIG matter. Let's take a lesson from Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

I bet AIG would smell what Barack was cooking if he went off on them like that.

I have heard this excuse by other companies that you reward these people because they are the best in their field and you want to keep them on board to keep another company from stealing them and their talents. THAT IS TOTAL BULLZHIT! What talent?

Hey big time CEOs. It is bad all over. These people are not going to jump ship because you don't give them a bonus because there is no where else to go. Nobody is hiring except at McDonald's.

So since as of yesterday, the AIG stock was worth less than a dollar, maybe they need to go work at a place with a dollar menu because they certainly can't handle any more than that.

Your thoughts on it all?

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