Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today is a pretty good day. Got to chit chat with a few friends and I am still putting my plan into motion to make a life better for ME. I do feel that I am on the correct path for My Journey. However, I came up on a fork in the road last night that I didn't anticipate and I find myself still standing at this morning after. Even after consulting my "map", I am a little confused.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines "confused" as - 1 a: being perplexed or disconcerted (i.e. the confused student); b: disoriented with regards to one's sense of time, place, or identity (i.e. the patient became confused); 2: Indistinguishable (i.e. a zigzag, crisscross, confused trail - Harry Hervey); 3: being disordered or mixed up (i.e. a contradictory or confused story). Although, I am on the path of My Journey, I do not feel that my confusion is related to the definition 2 (a confused trail). I think that I am more of definition number 1.

As I sat to gather my thoughts for this blog and I decided to play some music. The first song to come on is "Say Yes" by Floetry. Is someone trying to tell me something? Hello! Hello! There is more confusion now that I had earlier. Then I hit next and "All This Love" by DeBarge came on. Hey! Is this thing on? A little help down here!

To me, both paths at the fork lead to the same destination. It just depends on whether you want to travel the "scenic route" by the ocean or the bland existence of the "interstate"(that always seems to have exits back to the scenic route). LOL. I thought that was very clever.

The question I guess is which is truly the more miserable path? Would you rather take the "scenic route" that although great to explore, it may seem like it takes a longer time to get to the destination you want. Or do you take the "interstate" where it is boring with no excitement but seems just as long because there is nothing to break the monotony? I am sure others will have different interpretations but for the decision at hand, these choices work for me for the situation at hand and from my perspective.

You will not believe it but in the time it took me to write this blog entry, I have found that I do not have to decide which path I should take. It has been decided for me already. I will stay on the interests (and I get the impression that all the exits to the "scenic routes" as well are closed as well).

Happy Motoring to all and don't forget to fuel up. Don't know when the next stop will be.

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  1. I prefer the scenic route any day. It's much more exciting. Much more beautiful things to see. The view is breathtaking!