Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blessed Sunday...With Even More Questions

Today was a great day to celebrate life and the fact that I have God in my life. Could he be more in my life? Most definitely. I was very moved by the Message today in church. The church home that I have found has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I have always known and believed there is a greater power in life and I am slowly asking more questions to make sure that I am on the path that I know I need to be on.

I have done things that I know that are not right in the Eyes of the Lord. I always believed in man's free will and that God will always be there to catch us when we "fall". I also felt that God, no matter how much it may appear to be against his Word, guides us to the people, situations, and circumstances that we all run into in our Journeys. Kind of a "having your cake and eating it too" way of thinking I supposed. Definitely not saying that God lead me to do a bad thing. But that good or bad, there is a reason why He has put me here. I do not think He does it to "test" me - he does not have time for games such as that.

I ask myself to be a Christian Black Man, what do I have to change about me? Do I stop listening to old school Hip Hop and Rap music that may have lyrics that you certainly wouldn't play in church? Do I not listen to a comedian that tells a dirty joke and laugh? Do I not watch a movie that have sexual themes and nudity (not porn nudity)? Simple questions but a stupid question is one that does not get asked. Does that make you a bad Christian if I partake of any of that above? Do you have to ask for forgiveness every time you feel like you might have gone against God's Word? So many questions.

Yesterday and today, a fleeting thought, that perhaps anyone else would be find meaningless, had me in tears. Why is that? Is that God telling me something? Am I just too dang sensitive? LOL. I don't know.

The answers are there. I look to Him to continue to guide me and protect me as I take this path in My Journey.

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