Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Fought the Oink and I Won.....

I fought the H1N1 and I came out victorious but I came to grips to the fact that I am a "fragile" being.

After a follow-up with the doctor today, I am H1N1 free. My lungs look good so the pneumonia didn't get worse. I am still sporting a bacterial bronchial infection which is a medical way of saying I still got some phlegm to get rid of to be at my peak performance. They gave me another damn shot in my ass. Personally I think that the nurses wanted to check out my butt. LOL.

Through all of this, I am slowly figuring out that my body is changing and I am not the young guy I see myself to be. I have lived a life of relatively good health. I may not eat right all the time but I try not to over-indulge in the "bad" stuff. I am holding a few extra "L B's" so I think I am going to have to make some changes in that as well. Mom is harping that I am not as young as I used to be. Blah! Blah! Blah!

I wasn't extremely concerned with the fact that I had the H1N1 virus, even though everyone made it seem like the Second Plague. I have had bronchitis before so that wasn't a big deal. It was the pneumonia that I truly feared. I feared it so much that the first two nights after my diagnosis I didn't sleep well at all. I know nothing about pneumonia and the fact that people die from this as a complication from something else put a real scarein me. I think I stressed about it so much that the medicine I was taking wasn't even doing any real good because I couldn't truly relax. Thankfully I was able to overcome it all.

I will be 40 years old in about two weeks (YEAH!) and didn't plan on looking at this day as anything special or some sort of benchmark. But with this "health scare", I am having to re-evaluate my path in regards to my health. Changes are forthcoming.

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