Saturday, March 20, 2010

Basically She Called Me an Uncle Tom...

I knew that there would be something that would fire me up to write something and something last night did it. I consider myself a people person. I love to talk to others and hear their stories and see what they have experienced in life. Sometimes I even take their life lessons and apply them to myself.

My job puts me in contact with ALL types of people - young and old; rich, financially stable, or living paycheck to paycheck; black, white, yellow, red, tan, olive (hope nobody takes offense, just trying to prove a point); male or female or someone that is "has a little of both". Nevertheless, I mostly enjoy the contact. Regardless of your ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, we are all connected and have encountered the SAME problems and adversities on a common level.

Last night, I had to deal with an issue at the job that required several different interactions with my team and myself. The point was not being driven home enough that it required the ejection of some people from the property. I do not expect anyone to take news like that happily but for the greater good it had to be done. To break it down - if you have 30 people and only 1 person is the problem, you don't cater to the 1 person that is a problem and inconvenience the other 29. Upon their ejection, one female in the group, who also happened to be black (and due to her attitude - a little ghetto fabulous), had a lot to say regarding her "treatment".

She basically said that we were not treating her group fairly. For those who truly know me, I have got to be one of the most fair minded people around. Race has never been thrown into most decisions that I make especially work. She said that I was picking on the black man and wasn't doing it to "the other man". Well for her information, "the other man" was not the problem. When "the other man" has been the cause of the exact same problem, "the other man" was dealt in the same fashion as she was last night. She also said in so many words that they had to send the "the black face" of the organization to deal with her and her party. Whoa! Hold up! Wait a minute! I am not any one's "token black". Everything I achieved is due to hard work and integrity. That is what broke the camel's back with me. And to correct her, I WAS IN CHARGE of the property, nobody had to send me anywhere.

Then the "N" word got dropped several times describing me. She was talking to other members of her party and NOT directly to me when she said it which showed me how much of a cowardly individual she was. She hates dealing with "niggas". Really!?! Do you now? Gave you three chances to straighten up and you can't comply - that all of a sudden makes me a "nigga"? I felt bad for my white team members who were witness to her rantings. I am sure it is the same across the board but when one person in your race does something stupid, then all the other people in the race are embarrassed by it.

Well, I put on my best "token black" face and even thanked them for choosing us when they were walking out of the door. I am no better than anyone else and don't claim to be. But I find myself thinking of how she was "raised" to label me, a black man that wears a suit to work everyday and has quite of bit of responsibility (and authority) at work, an Uncle Tom type. What is sad is that until she opened her mouth, she WAS an visually attractive woman. What do you think?

Oh, did I mention that the gentlemen were saggin' (which I don't do) and drinking alcohol at a children's function? Maybe that will give you more insight into her thought process.


  1. Wow unbelievable how ignorant people can be. Just because you are wearing a suit, have a good job, and take your responsibilites seriously she is going to go off. People like that wish they were in your shoes and instead of being happy for you or proud of you they have to degrade to make themselves feel better. No self esteem. Sad. When Jamie and I moved to our neighborhood and he left "the hood" he got so much grief. People should have been happy that he was making a good life for himself and instead he got grief. Now years later everyone wishes they made the move. Stand proud in what you do and who you are no matter what. Sadly they just made fools of themselves.

  2. Those who hate on people who move on to be "better" than what they had is pure jealously. In my opinion, those same people have either given up on making it or are just happy where they are and don't or can't see that there is something different.