Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fox News....The A-Holes of Cable News Does it Again

I am back in the saddle again. Been a little busy with work and other things in my life but hopefully for those who read my blog (I know I do not have a big following - LOL), I hope that I will be back entertaining and perhaps informing you of the things that make up my Journey.

Now to my subject of this blog entry. Why must Fox News hate on Obama? I guess they have nothing better to do. Of course I had to get my current rantings about the laughing stock that is Fox News Channel from a report for the much more reputable The Daily Show.

Now I will admit that Obama has f'ed it up for all of us men mainly because most of us don't have a helicopter, limo, or have a police escort for an evening out on the town. But I want my President (whomever it may be) to try to be as normal as any other American. Sure there are trappings that you can't avoid being the Commander-In-Chief but when we have someone that doesn't just sit in the White House day and night and actually gets out amongst the constituents - that is a good thing.

Fox News wants to focus on the costs of the trip. Well I am sorry but the President can't just jump on a plane flying coach to The Big Apple, rent a Prius, and drive around for a night on the town. Does Fox News know for sure that they didn't pay for the meal at the restaurant? Did it ever occur to someone that perhaps that meal was comped because the President and First Lady chose their spot to eat on their dinner date? Perhaps the tickets to the show were free as well. Working in a hotel that has a 4 Star resturant and a Performing Arts theatre, sometimes you do comp stuff for good reason.

I do not care if you didn't vote for Obama, most people would love the opportunity to meet the President (and First Lady) and if there is a little bit of inconvenience because of it, so be it. I didn't vote for Bush I or the sequel Bush II but if they came to my Hotel, you damn straight, I am going to try to get a handshake and a picture because like them or not, they took on one of the hardest jobs we have in the US.

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Maybe I need to buy that new cologne called POTUS. If I can't party like a President, maybe I can smell like one.

Have a wonderful day everyone - Out!

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