Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Do You Want the Country to Fail?

I got into a conversation with an old friend of mine on Facebook and I was kind of taken aback about how conservative she was. I guess it is true what they say - don't talk politics or religion with your friends.

Well basically in a nutshell, she stated that she didn't care for Obama. I guess I got that impression when she referred to Obama as that "bat eared liberal". When I stated that I might get the opportunity to meet him in a few months, she apologized to me by saying that she was "sorry" and that even though she has mulatto children she still hated him. Well considering that I voted for Obama because I didn't feel connected to McCain, I did not take into consideration anything about my daughter Jasmine (a multi-ethnic child). My vote for Obama was not because I wanted a Black President, just a President that I hoped would make things better for every American (Black or White).

Not everyone is going to like the President but regardless if your candidate won or lost, I would make the absurd assumption that you would want that person to make the country better. To top it all off, I stated that "Everyone has the right to their thoughts. All I can say, hate him or not - don't wish him to fail. If he fails, we all fail." She came back with the following and this is her exact quote "Yeah, seems as though that is happening faster than I would like!"

So of course the first thing that came to mind was a statement made by Rush Limbaugh saying that he hoped Obama fails in his Presidency. (My apologies for the picture I chose for Mr. Limbaugh, but I had to poke fun at him about all his rhetoric and he himself was not on the straight and narrow a while back.) Now, it was just one statement out of a long blow hard explanation from a person that I can't stand but respect his right to freedom of speech. On a personal note, I think that what he said is "borderline treason." Limbaugh may not want to injure the President but I get the impression that he wouldn't lose too much sleep over a White House void of President Barack Obama.

But I digress, it was not all working with George W. Bush (aka Bush The Sequel) in the White House. So let's try a different approach to our nation's issues. I do feel somewhat safer in my country due to the changes that Bush The Sequel made, however, private industry was doing things that they KNEW that might be unhealthy to our economy or way of life and the ball was dropped on monitoring them.

Now with all of the downturns that were going on with our country - unpopularity with the world, economic crisis, and soldiers dying on foreign soil, I never ever wished Bush The Sequel would FAIL. He was my President even though I didn't vote for him both times. I may not have been a supporter of some of his policies but his FAILURE was not something I wanted or wished for at any time.

If you wish for the President of the United States to FAIL in his obligation to try to make this country great for all of us to live and prosper as Americans, then that is the most UN-AMERICAN things you can do as a citizen. No one is asking you to give up your principles but there is also another saying - you can not please everyone all the time.

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