Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Did Wanda Go Over the Line?

Personally I don't think she went over the line. The whole purpose of the White House Correspondences' Dinner is for awarding scholarships to deserving persons who are interested in the journalism field and also time to not take life too serious inside the Beltway.

The fact that I have no use for Rush Limbaugh whatsoever made it so much more enjoyable. I had heard about his rant about hoping the Obama Administration would fail. Basically he is saying that he wants America to fail. Regardless of who is President, and you want them to fail, that is truly UN-American.

This is one of the times that my love for history and current events made me enjoy every joke Wanda Sykes made. I watched it with my mother on Mother's Day and I had to point on a couple of occasions why some things were funny.

I have read a few comments here and there and also saw some coverage from Fox News - the crazy insane not so factual news channel. Of course it came from my favorite sourse - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Do you think that she went too far? Your comments are appreciated.

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  1. Too far? No. This is comedy. What comedian doesn't go somewhere that someone doesn't like! It wouldn't have mattered if you had the most upstanding, clean-cut, comedian up there... someone is going to criticize them! No matter who you are, where you go, what you say, or what you do... there's someone waiting to attack you. Go Wanda! Made me laugh.