Friday, May 8, 2009

White...The New Minority?

I grew up not truly thinking about race being isolated as a "military brat". I have said this to many people but there only class difference when my Dad was in the military were officers and non-commissioned officers. I dated (went steady, talked to) everyone under the rainbow as a kid. It didn't make any difference to me as long as you were pretty and had something positive about you.

As I got older, I noticed things were different outside of my military bubble especially in high school. I never experienced any racism firsthand but I noticed that there was a difference in perspective as far as race was concerned. Where you would see an abundance of interracial couples (of every kind of combination)on a military bases or in a military community, I only recall one interracial couple in high school. An example of a shift in my mindset even as a teenager, I always thought that there would be a white female as President of the United States before a black male was elected as Commander-in-Chief.

I also noticed that although black Americans had our own culture (i.e., music, fashion, vernacular) that some white Americans embraced the black culture. I don't know why. I joked to some close friends (black and white), "when did it become so cool to be black?"

Well in watching one of my favorite shows, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, there was a segment that pointed out that white Americans will no longer be the majority around the year 2050. I do not think that it is due to other races having more children but more of the fact that there are more and more interracial relationships and soon there will not be a "pure race" of any kind. Just a blend of cultures with small patches of an undiluted "family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock" (which is the Merriam-Webster meaning).

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The segment was funny with the one extremely bright kid and singer Robin Thicke, son of "ultra-white" Alan Thicke.

But I guess the question is how will the minority shift affect America? Will it truly become more of a melting pot? Will conflicts that involve racial undertones be substantially reduced? I am not militant by any means but will there be changes with the "shift of power"?

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