Monday, November 30, 2009

Tattered Tiger

Okay. You have all talked about it. You have all had your opinions. Here is one more.

Tiger Woods is hiding something. I like Tiger as much as the next person but KNOWING how the media and public crave information on celebrities, athletes, and any significant person in the world, he should just be up front and open regarding his "accident". I am not interested in his personal life.

I will have to say this - I never even knew the National Enquirer wrote a story about a possible affair with another woman BEFORE I came to the conclusion that there was more to the story of his "accident." If it is connected, then so be it. Not my concern.

There are those that say it is a personal matter so drop it. How is having a car accident with the driver going less than 30 miles per hour and running over a fire hydrant and ran into a tree a personal matter? How come there was a need to bust out windows to the rear of a Cadillac Escalade to pull someone out of the FRONT seat a personal matter? It happened on the street so therefore it is a public matter. Was there a malfunction of the car? Was he intoxicated? And most important, was there any domestic issues going on?

I am not hoping to see the man fall from grace. Far from it. And I am not hatin' because he got alotta dolla dolla bills. But just because you have money doesn't make you not accountable for your actions. Of course that is in a perfect world where everyone is treated the same.

If and I do say if there was a fight between them that escalated past words, someone needs to get some help. Both the victim and the accused. I could care less for the reason of any violence, if it occurred. Things that go unchecked can lead to something more deadly or sinister. Has anyone ever seen the series "Snapped" on the Oxygen newtork? I know women can be devious but Damn! It might makes you want to sleep with one eye open.

And again, I am only offering my opinion BASED on the pure lack of cooperation by the Woods family with law enforcement officials trying to investigate this incident. I understand that he is under no obligation to speak with law enforcement regarding the matter. He may not have done anything illegal but in the matter of public opinion he needs to do what a "normal" person would do to put the matter past him and his family.

The longer he delays speaking with police and the more cryptic messages that are release only prolongs the agony that he is trying to avoid. Also, the more clogged up my news day is filled with his mess instead of knowing how we are going to get out of Afghanistan or Iraq; will I be able to keep my job because the economy is getting better; or how am I going to pay for college for my daughter.

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