Saturday, November 28, 2009

Opposite Reactions

Sorry for the long absence everyone. Just been extremely busy again but will try to do better. This is a short and sweet entry today.

I had a thought that had rattled around my head this morning. I had something happen to me today that when once revealed to someone else, I thought would garnered one reaction and got something totally opposite of how I would reacted in the same senario. In my further discussion, I guess it was implied that their reaction is not what I expected. When asked about their reaction, I didn't discuss it further because I wanted to make sure that I was not over-reacting to their reaction.

This made me think a moment about myself for a long moment. I truly consider myself a middle of the line thinking kind of guy (except when I need to think outside the box). So why was the reaction of that person so much different than mine? There are too many variables to consider in my assessment of the comparison - gender, racial background, religious background, life experience, and the list goes on and on.

It made me wonder if I am truly "normal" in my way of looking at any situation and how I should react. I understand that everyone is different but why did that stick out like that?

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