Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look At Me Now....See What You Could Have Had

A co-worker and I were having a discussion last night on old girlfriends. This stemmed from us being on Facebook and me coming in contact with an old girlfriend online. We talked about how our significant others would react to something like that - his would probably give him a knock up side the head and mine does not seem to be bothered too much about it at all. (Of course there some back stories to their reactions that I will not get into in this blog).

Every person has been through this (and if you are deny it, you are a big fat liar). You run into an old girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/significant other. The first thing you do is to assess how you were then and how you are now. You hope that you have made positive strides in your life. That can range from your appearance, your social status, your occupation, your financial worth, your responsibilities, your sexual expertise (yeah, I said it), you new significant other (if you have one), and other factors you can gauge into the assessment.

If you are doing well, you want that person to know that you have actually "grown up". If it was a breakup where you got rejected, you want them to know that you have "moved on" or "see what they could have had". Then there is the "what would have happened if" thought. It is not something you take any stock or seriousness in but you do wonder what if your journey turned out different. Of course, in the back of your mind, you hope that if you had cut this person loose that they are not doing better (as if breaking up with you made their whole life go downhill). I actually know someone who has left a few drowning in her wake. LOL.

I have been re-introduced to at least three ex-girlfriends over the years - only one in person. I have always been serious with my relationships so I never had the I have "grown up" thought. I have never had a truly bad break up to get the "see what they could have had" thought. And I have rarely had the "what would have happened if" thought because I feel that this is the Journey I was supposed to take.

So, do you have an Ex that you would love to show your current life to? Have you had an Ex that you have seen and had the "what would have happened if" thought?

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  1. Yeah, I do!!! Every guy who thought of me only as friend when I wanted it to go further, and those that were only friends (with benefits) and those that THOUGHT the grass was greener on the other side! To all those that wanted the kitty kat but not the relationship, and those that thought I needed you to survive... LOOK AT ME NOW! I make more money than a lot of people I know WITH college degrees... I take care of me and my boys without any help... I pay my own bills... have a wonderful life and a wonderful man that I've been with almost 5 years now! GO ME!