Monday, February 23, 2009

Fair Warning?

I was reading an entry to a blog that I follow (I Date White) and the latest one was by a white female guest writer who says that black people seem to open up to her more when they find out that she dates the "bruthas".

It got me thinking about how I interact with people since I have a significant other who is white. Many people do not know that. It is not like I walk around with a platinum chain with a medallion that says that "I Date White Women", "Where Da White Women At?", or "I am Down with the Swirl". I try to avoid is having people feel uncomfortable about me in regards to who I am with.

This leads me to a encounter I had with a black female. She was going on about the last Chris Rock comedy special on HBO and basically the stereotypes of black males dating white females. I can laugh at those situation because some of the time, they are true. Of course, she didn't know that I was with a white woman (and yes, she is thick and fine). I just smiled and let her speak on how she doesn't necessarily like the "swirl". Later on, she found out that I was with a white woman and her facial expression changed - not in disgust but some sort of embarrassment of what she said during out last encounter.

Well the question is, should I give someone "fair warning" of some aspects of my life to keep them from being embarrassed later or let someone put their foot in their mouth to figure out the "true" nature of this person? I respect every one's opinion on anything but I never want to feel I have to apologize (even though I won't)for the choices that I make in my life.

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  1. Funny how people react "after" they find out that you like another race and all of a sudden they remember a conversation they recently had with you about dating outside your race! What do you think they feel? Idiotic... embarassed...

    I do not feel the need to give "fair warning" to ANYONE regarding who I date. You get to see the real person they are when they don't know. You can bet that they talk about you when you aren't around... or at least have the thoughts... wondering what you now think of them since this revelation. This is 2009, not 1979, and eventually all people in this world are going to be of mixed races.