Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grasping at Straws

I have been gone for a minute and I am sorry. Just been busy with work and life in general. Hope everyone who may take the time to read my blog is doing well.

Now for the title of this entry - Grasping at Straws. Why is it that people cannot seem to accept change. Yes, I said it - change. Barack Obama is a "natural-born US citizen." This a key requirement for anyone wanting to be President of the United States.

Like or dislike his policies and beliefs (notice I did not say to dislike him as a person) but I do not understand how come some idiots (or as they like to call themselves - Birthers) are still on this subject. Let's move on! So basically these people are saying that so many people perpatrated a fraudulant birth certificate. Even in 1961, I am sure you just cannot bring a baby into this country without proper documentation if he was born outside the United States.

Some might even argue that if they got Obama out of office then the economy will be restored. Even if I found that to have any merit, starting over would mean a setback to the strides (though small) to come out of this economic slump.

Not saying that my opinion is the best one but I consider myself a pretty level headed guy in most respects but all the effort used to take down any person is a waste of time. If these people put more effort into helping someone, then maybe we can become stronger as a nation.

We have a wonderful democracy, probably the best in the world with checks and balances in place that keep our Representatives in line (most of the time). And when they step out of line, there are REAL ways to deal with them. Stop wasting your time on whether Obama is the legitimate President of this country and figure out a way for companies can stop freezing wage increases, restore matching funds to 401k's, cutting health benefits, and halt laying off workers.

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