Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Great Crash of 2010 (and the Fall Out)

Well fellow bloggers and readers, it has been determined by me that people cannot drive. This past Sunday, I have had my fourth accident in my Mazda 6. None of the accidents in this car have been my fault and now with a few payments left on this car, it might be totalled out. Jasmine, my 16 year old daughter, is a bit distraught because this was supposed to be her car possibly this fall in case I got something new.

I am fine and will live but I have learned some lessons with this accident that I am not going to go into at this point. I got checked out at the ER and the doctor has certified me okay, in regards of the accident. I have a knot and a cut on my head from hitting the windshield (now is the time I wish I had hair up there to cover it) and my knee hurts a little so I got a cool ass limp.

I thought I was going to walk out of the ER with nothing on my mind but wondering if they are going to total out my car or fix it but it couldn't be that simple. After the CT Scan of my head and chest, I was advised of something going on that was unrelated to the accident.

It seems that I have some sort of pulmonary nodule in my right lung. The same lung that I had pneumonia in which could be the cause of it but of course the doctor has to give you the worse case scenario and dropped the Big C Word on me too. The good thing going for me is that I recently had pneumonia so that connection is there. I don't smoke (unless you want to count the 2 or 3 cigars I have a year). I do not usually tend to hang around smokers when they are smoking. So I think my luck will hold.

Never thought that someone would throw the C word at me. Just one of those things you would think happens to someone else (not that you want it to). When he said it, I just figured it was nothing serious and the remote possibility of it being cancer (yeah I said it) was slim to none. But of course as you have time to think about it and the doctors keep saying "you need to see your primary doctor and make an appointment for a PET CT Scan." I didn't really think about what a PET CT Scan was until yesterday when a friend of mine said it is what they use to look at cancer in the body. Well DAMN!

I think I will be okay. I am going to stay positive that it isn't anything serious. Just needed to vent it out a little bit. So is the journey of life- let's see where this turn takes me.

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  1. Daryl,

    I pray that it is nothing and just something "left over" from the pneumonia! Keep me posted and will keep praying! Amy