Thursday, February 18, 2010

Senator Richard Shelby - Hostage Taker? I am Not Paying!

You know I have to poke fun at politicians whenever I can because they seem to forget that they represent the people sometimes. Another United States Senator has put Alabama on the map - Richard Shelby, Republican from Alabama. Of course, I go to my favorite news source, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, to get the info. Senator Richard Shelby had earlier blocked about 80nominations including the undersecretary of defense for military readiness and top officials at the Departments of State and Homeland Security

Just like Senator Evan Bayh from Indiana, I am getting fed up with the bickering in Washington D.C. Republicans blame the Democrats; Democrats blame the Republicans; Independents blame Republicans and Democrats; Tea Party blames everyone. I am getting so tired of the damn blame game. I guess that is the goal of Washington - blame someone else so you can hide that you are not doing anything but getting a paycheck. Everyone in Congress is acting like a bunch of children on a playground fighting over a swing.

It seems that the Senator that is supposed to represent me has blocked nominees of President Obama for key posts over "pork spending" for the State of Alabama. For those that know me as a person, I am proud and glad when the state prospers and moves forward. Even though, he has since lifted the blanket block but is still holding onto three Pentagon slots. Why are grown ass folks playing the quid pro quo game? You say Obama is soft on National Security and maybe these three appointments will not lean either way but do not be a part of the problem. You can't blame anyone for a problem when you do not give them the proper tools (or the ones they request) to do the job.

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I am not party bashing because I consider myself a Conservative Democrat and a Liberal Republican (yeah I think it is funny too). Please correct me if I am wrong but isn't the Republicans bitching about programs that are putting us further in debt HOWEVER this Republican wants to spend more money on more programs. Depending on who you talk to, it differs on whether they are "front burner" issues or things that can wait.

I am disgusted with everybody in Congress at this point. Here is another "waste" of my tax money below that I saw on the NBC Nightly News a couple of weeks ago.

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Maybe we need to take a page from the rhetoric of retiring Senator Evan Bayh and vote all incumbents out and start fresh with people that want to get stuff accomplished in Washington. This is my rant for today!

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